Would you like to sell your house, condo, or land plot in Thailand? The Pattaya property market is busy, and weighted towards buyers right now. Selling condos is particularly competitive. This means that if you want top dollar for your sale you had better present your condo for sale with the best staging, competitive pricing, and a decent commission for the listing agent. Photos are important, and so is the unique description for your property. An agent with Sisco Property Group can help you with every step of the sales process. They have been through markets fluctuating since 2007 in Thailand.

Price of your Property in Pattaya

When setting the price of your property there are many things to consider. The amount you paid for the property, the cost of the property since you first invested, and the current market conditions. We encourage you to research and compare and involve an agent who has experience in the Pattaya Property Market. Be realistic with the pricing. The amount you paid, has little to do with todays market conditions. The experts at Sisco Property Group will give you an honest and straight forward appraisal of your property and we will work to obtain all your selling objectives. Whether that is a quick sale, or holding on until you get the price you are asking for.

Description of your Real Estate for Sale in Thailand

The internet puts the buyer in control of property searches. To stand out to prospective buyers you need to describe your property, especially anything that makes it unique. If there are 100 condos for sale in Pattaya with a sea view, then what makes your sea view condo unique? Is it on a high floor? Or does ie offer Panoramic Ocean Views? These things should be considered. Not all beach condos are created equal and your listing needs to reflect this. Appeal to what made you buy the condo in the first place. This will likely be a motivator for those looking at your condo or house for sale.

Commission for the sale of your Property

Talk to your agent about commission amounts. Typical is between 5 – 10 percent of the total selling price of your house of condo for sale. Please also speak to them about splitting the commission and listing with multiple agents. Social rules govern the policies in the Pattaya Condo Market and the best practices

Staging of your house or condo for sale in Thailand

When it is time to stage your house of condo for sale in Thailand this is your opportunity to show off all that makes your property unique. When staging your piece of real estate it is important to have the space cleaned, and photographed at the right time of day to show off the space in the best possible light. There are hundreds of agents and thousands of listings in just the Pattaya Real Estate market. There will be prospective buyers that will be viewing your house of condo for sale from within Thailand and from abroad and the first impression of your property for sale will typically be on the internet. Make sure the photos do your property justice.

Finding an Agent to List Your Property for Sale

There are many schools of thought for choosing a real estate agent. Sisco Property Group has been assisting buyers and sellers in the Pattaya Real Estate market since 2007. They have the experience, and the know how to help you find a buyer for your property.